Fire Prevention Safety Information

Home Safety Survey Challenge Program

Our goal is to start the program in May. This program is for all residents of Crystal and New Hope. Seniors and families with kids under 5 years of age, or low income families will get top priority on the list. Our goal this year and what we budgeted for is to do a Home Safety Challenge in 50 homes.

We would like to expand this program further in the future. Fires occur most frequently in residential type-properties. Residential fires accounted for 77% of all structure fires, 62% of total dollar loss, and 98% of all fire deaths in structures. These statistics continue to identify the home as the most dangerous place to be. So West Metro Fire-Rescue District wants to make sure our residents will be safe and not have fires. Our goal is to expand this program to even more homes. This program involves the following:

         · The Home Safety surveys are provided free of charge from West Metro Fire-Rescue District. Upon request a member of the fire department will conduct the survey. The survey provided a safety record for the homeowner, but also serves as public education.
        · Our goal of this survey is to encourage life safety, prevent fire(s), prevent injuries, improve occupant’s awareness of existing conditions/and or hazards.
        · This Home Safety Survey is not connected with the fire Marshal or Code Enforcement. It is merely an advisory service free of charge, to promote life safety.
        · The survey is room-to-room, inside and outside the home. The resident is protected by the Data Privacy Act.
        · We will show them how to do a fire escape plan and a fire drill with their families also.
        · We will have some incentives tied with this program to give to the homeowner during the home survey.

To get enrolled in this program
Contact:: Shelby Wolf at (763) 230-7006 or email at swolf@westmetro fire.com